The first week is officially over. As you can see in this animated gif of my whiteboard, I've gotten a lot done this week.

There were a few major things that I focused on, but the most visible one would be that I redesigned this website. The new look is cleaner, clearer, and (I think) much more professional. I also settled on an initial logo design (at least, the iconography- the type is still giving me trouble) for Starlight Revolution, which you can see below.

Starlight Revolution Logo

Another artistic task I focused on this week was a survey of various spaceship designs, with a close focus on wings and core shapes. Doing this has allowed me to identify some key aspects of ship design that will result in ships that look interesting and functional. That last bit is important-- one of the things I learned this week was that there are some clear design elements that help to convey a spaceship's function and scale, and taking advantage of these elements will improve the quality of my own work.

On the code side of things, I spent some time prototyping a Faction/NPC system. One of my goals with Starlight Revolution is to have a living universe, and part of my effort to acchieve that goal is to develop a system where NPCs interact with eachother in an organic manner. I'm not done with this yet, but the initial foray into this area shows promise.

That's what I did this week. If you're interested, drop me a line on twitter @JeckDev.

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